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The adorable moment when that’s his real life boyfriend.


That’s so cute

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Manish Malhotra + Lenghas

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Oliver and Felicity in denial. (aka who the fuck are you two trying to fool)

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I’ll grow old and never regenerate. I’ve only got one life, Rose Tyler. I could spend it with you, if you want. You’ll grow old at the same time as me? Together. (requested by thekingarises)

doctor who meme →  five otps [1/5] ten & rose

“Finally they get to this wrecked, deserted, nighttime, Dalek-invaded street, civilazation gone. And from the greatest possible distance, there they are: her with her great big gun and him with the TARDIS. And they run towards each other, like the biggest romance you’ve ever seen. - Russell T. Davies

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Season 1:His first genuine smile after he came back from the island.

Season 2: His first genuine smile after he lost tommy.

Season 3: It’s only natural that his first genuine smile is when he asks her on a date.